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Olga Rypakova changes her plans for the immediate competitions

23.04.2018 02:03 pm 12

Kazakhstan’s track and field athletes will take a part in international competitions in April and May

22.04.2018 11:37 pm 13

Kazakhstan’s national athletics team finished training in Turkey

21.04.2018 08:01 pm 15

Kazakhstan’s Athletics Federation named candidates for participation in Asian Games

19.04.2018 11:14 am 19

Olga Rypakova chose Belek for training in April.

18.04.2018 08:52 am 24

Andreas Hediger held a seminar in Ust-Kamenogorsk

13.04.2018 09:04 am 28

Kazakhstan’s record holder in javelin throw, Varvara Nazarova continues to train in Thailand

12.04.2018 11:15 pm 34

Kazakhstan’s athletes achieved success at the Hannover Marathon.

10.04.2018 10:28 am 30

Yekaterina Shlykova won a silver medal in Podebrady and set a personal record

08.04.2018 10:41 am 33

The winner of the Asian Indoor Games is preparing to fight for medals in the summer Asian Games

05.04.2018 11:29 am 38

Margarita Mukasheva, Two times winner of Asian Games, prepares for outdoor season.

04.04.2018 07:20 pm 35

The Favorites gain a victory at the Kazakhstan Winter Championships in Shymkent.

31.03.2018 09:44 pm 41

Svetlana Golendova - successful reboot

31.03.2018 07:28 pm 42

Leading Kazakhstan’s athletes will train in Turkey in April.

30.03.2018 11:39 pm 45

Kazakhstan’s athletes will take part in the World Race Walking Team Championships in Taicang.

27.03.2018 07:48 pm 60

“Kazakhstan Winter Championships” will be first outdoor Kazakhstan’s competition.

26.03.2018 12:02 am 48

Kazakhstan athletes did not show their best results at the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia.

25.03.2018 07:59 pm 45

Kazakhstan’s athletes train outdoor after end indoor competitions.

24.03.2018 11:18 pm 46

Kazakhstan’s members of the Altay athletics club are training in Europe and Asia

23.03.2018 11:47 pm 59

9 Kazakhstan’s athletes will participate in the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia.

21.03.2018 08:56 pm 54

Georgiy Sheiko won medal of the Asian Walking Championships for the third time

18.03.2018 05:15 pm 56

Danial Akhmetov is the new president of the Athletics Federation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

16.03.2018 05:34 pm 71

The Kazakhstan’s athletes have got leading positions by the results of indoor competitions.

15.03.2018 05:01 pm 52

The leading Kazakhstan’s athletes started training in Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.

13.03.2018 11:52 pm 54

Kazakhstan’s athletes will perform at the World Half Marathon Championships and the Asian Race Walking Championships.

07.03.2018 11:52 pm 62

The Kazakh team showed temper and demonstrated their best result in the women's relay 4x400 metres.

05.03.2018 09:36 am 68

Young Kazakhstan’s athletes performed at the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham.

03.03.2018 04:55 pm 65

Olga Rypakova did not fly to Birmingham for a bronze medal of the World Championships

01.03.2018 08:22 pm 76

The Altay athletics club signed contracts with six stars of Kazakhstan athletics in February.

28.02.2018 11:16 pm 80

The Favourites triumphed in final Kazakhstan Cup in Athletics.

25.02.2018 04:39 pm 70

The Kazakhstan team got the right to appear for women’s relay at the World Championships Birmingham 2018

25.02.2018 12:09 am 88

Georgiy Sheiko is the Kazakhstan hope for the Asian Race Walking Championships.

22.02.2018 09:30 pm 82

The main star of Kazakhstan athletics will take part in the Diamond League competitions, the Asian Games, and in the Continental Cup.

21.02.2018 02:20 pm 86

5 Kazakhstan athletes will get to compete in the World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018

20.02.2018 08:31 am 94

The second stage of the Kazakhstan Athletics Indoor Cup was held in Ust-Kamenogorsk.

19.02.2018 08:58 am 85

Kazakhstan athletes achieved a triumph at the Asian championships in Tehran.

04.02.2018 04:55 pm 113

Happy New Year: higher, farther, faster!

31.12.2017 10:21 pm 124

Attention, for the first time - international courses for athletics trainers in Kazakhstan!

14.08.2017 12:00 am 284

Presentation of the Astana SCO CICA marathon was held in the Chinese capital Beijing

10.07.2017 12:00 am 371

Hunters for medals: Kazakhstan athletes at Asian championships

19.04.2017 12:00 am 180

Women's Guard: athletes of Kazakhstan in the summer championships in Asia

11.04.2017 12:00 am 196

Asian campaigns, or how Kazakhstan team performed at the championships of the continent

05.04.2017 12:00 am 174

The current record holders of Kazakhstan - from sprint to jumping and throwing

28.03.2017 12:00 am 205