The Favourites triumphed in final Kazakhstan Cup in Athletics. Aygerim Shynazbekova
Cyril Nepriyatelev  

The Favourites triumphed in final Kazakhstan Cup in Athletics.

The final of the Kazakhstan Indoor Cup in Athletics was held on 22-23 February in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Famous Kazakhstan athletes once again proved their superiority over rivals.

The Kazakhstan Indoor Athletics Cup was first included    in competition schedule.The participants of the final were athletes who got the highest number of points by the first and second stages.But in the final these points were not taken into account.

The greatest interest was the women’s 400 metres sprint, where high speed was shown by Elina Mikhina and Svetlana Golendova again. Both of these athletes will perform at the World Indoor Championships from 1-4 March. .The final of the Kazakhstan cup became for them last competition before trip in the UK. As in the previous stage, Mikhina became the first with time of 52.57, Golendova got second place with 53.13.

Aygerim Shynazbekova won at the 60 metres hurdles of 8.39. This year, she was the best in all competition, including the Asian Indoor Athletics Championships in Tehran. Viktoriya Zyabkina came up to expectations and she outstripped confidently everyone at the 60 metres sprint of 7.49 s.

Nadezhda  Dubovitskaya did not encounter real competition from rivals in high jump, although she did not show her best result in season. Dubovitskaya jumped in final of 1.80 m. Tatyana Nerosnak won at two distance again. On the first day she ran 1500 metres of 4:21.56. Then Nerosnak won confidently at 3000 metres of 9:25.26. Neroshak rivals were far behind the leader long before the finish.

One of the leader of Kazakhstan men’s team in athletics, Mikhail Litvin showed his best result in the season at 400 metres of 46.93. Andrey Sokolov was second with time of 47.90.

Nikita Filippov  became the best in the pole vaulting of 5.30 and he was close to successfully overcoming of 5.60. Yevgeniy Ektov got Gold medal in the triple jump of 16.12. Roman Loshkarev won in the high jump with result of 2.16. Three days before he set a personal record in previous competitions in Ust-Kamenogorsk of 2.21. Vyacheslav Zems scored two victories in the final of the Kazakhstan Indoor Athletics Cup. First he repeated a personal record at 60 metres of 6.82. The next day Zems proved his advantage at the 60 metres hurdles with time of 7.91.

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